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Balyck Jewellery - Coffee With Créme

Part four we speak to the incredible Jessica Balyck, founder of BALYCK jewellery. Balyck is an Australian eclectic handmade jewellery brand based in Sydney. Jess is a creative powerhouse, producing collections such as her most recent 'Le Reve' alongside offering bespoke pieces she hand produces. We hope you enjoy this discussion.

What did life look like for you before Balyck?

Life for me before Balyck was always in the realm of Fashion. Prior to starting the brand I was studying at the Fashion Design studio doing the advanced fashion diploma under Nicholas Huxley. I had always known I wanted to become a designer, however it was more so a matter of exploring various skills and seeing where my passion/ patience lay to pursue it full time.

If you could share one insight or learning with regards to business, what would it be?

In business you are not meant to be an expert in all fields so be informed by others, ask questions and surround yourself with innovative people who inspire and strengthen you.

Memorable moment for you throughout your Balyck journey?

I’ve been fortunate enough to have a few memorable moments throughout my journey and being able to see dreams come to fruition. Though one which was the most moving moment, was the creation of my Insieme kit last year at the beginning of the pandemic. It has become memorable and is still popular today because it became more about the piece of jewellery and more about the meaning behind it and the creative outlet it provided for people during a hard and unusual time. It was wonderful to see friends and family purchasing the kit to send to loved ones to cheer them up and keep them creative and productive. I loved being able to contribute something so meaningful to everyone.

What do you fall on for inspiration?

Inspiration derives from various facets of my life, be it travel, loved ones or even memories. I love to incorporate those influences into the very fabric and detailing of my designs, sharing my personal creations with everyone almost like pieces of art.

What would one be your piece of advice for someone wanting to start their own small business?

My biggest piece of advice is to get as much experience as you can from other companies or businesses who have done something similar. It’s something i didn't do as i dove straight into Balyck and learnt everything gradually and sometimes the hard way. However if you have an opportunity to learn of people with experience in that field of expertise, before you play with your own money i would highly recommend that. Also get a mentor as we learn from each other and our experiences.

How would you describe your pieces in three words?

Eclectic Timeless Jewellery

Individuality is an important value to the Balyck brand. How do you ensure that Balyck remains unique?

Individuality is something that is at the core of the Balyck brand and everything that is designed. I tend to steer completely away from the mass produced concept or trends because the integration of timeless detailing in my designs are so important to my clients. I’ve managed to embody the concept that I wanted Balyck to be known for, which is wearable pieces of art passed through my hands for customers to hold onto and keep forever. That is emphasized in the quality, and also that the majority of Balyck designs are available for pre-order only, to reduce over production. Recently I have also launched a new category of Bespoke designs that are updated monthly. These designs are one off pieces created that will not be produced as a collection or replicated giving people the opportunity to own a one off custom Balyck piece.

If you could choose one person to be a muse for Balyck, who would it be? Why?

My muses vary depending on the collection. However a forever muse of mine is Lily-rose Depp. Lily-rose has an iconic timeless and modern aesthetic that i like to see reflected in the Balyck brand.

Do you have a method to your design practice?

My method is rarely conventional. In fact I very often design backwards. Normally a collection or individual design will start with an inspirational object, or concept. I then start to shape or compile pieces to contribute to the making of the design and start to create it slowly. Sometimes I have designs sitting aside for months awaiting the perfect stone or finishing piece to bring it to life. Once the designs are created then i will sketch it for my archives (which is the step most people normally do from the start)

Biggest lesson learnt from starting Balyck?

Rome wasn't built in a day, though eventually it was built. I learnt to be kind to myself during the process of having a business, because with passion, patience and perseverance you really can accomplish anything.

What do you do to re-energise with regards to Balyck and business?

I love to go out and get inspired, be it art galleries, getting together with other creatives/friends or visiting new places. It all ends up contributing to a new fresh perspective for the brand and my creative process.


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